At AOGCM our ministries exist to serve our church and anyone who may choose to visit.  These ministries exist with the intention to help those who attend find acceptance and connections with others.  We look to do this by providing Servant Leaders who are passionate about their ministries. Our goal is that within each ministry those who attend leave feeling challenged in their faith and a sense of safety and comfort among one another.

Each ministry is designed to meet the needs of the groups that they are directed for.  Our ministries help enhance what is taught from the pulpit. They are broken up into two forms of service, our Family Ministries, and our Acts of Service Ministries.

Our Family Ministries consist of: Men’s Ministry – Women’s Ministry – Youth – Naomi’s Gathering. These ministries are directed to reach the different members of the family. We strongly believe that a strong Christian home is a home that will last, no matter the storm.

Our Acts of Service Ministries consist of: Outreach Team – Ushers – Greeters – Sunday Morning Media Team – Prayer Team – Children’s Church. These ministries provide our members with opportunities to serve and be used in ways to help the kingdom of God, our church and those in need.

Our Ministries