We here at Assembly of God of Center Moriches strive to connect people to a better understanding of who God really is. We look to the Bible as our main source of instruction on how to live life in a way that is pleasing and obedient to Him. In doing so we find 5 major values that lay down our purpose as a church.

To tell about Jesus:

We believe that He is the Lamb of God who not only came to this earth as a man to show us the Fathers love, but that His sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary was for our sins providing the way for us to have a right standing relationship with God. It is our job to share this truth with others.

To display Servant Hood:

It is important to us here that the men and women we place as leaders over our ministries are ones who look to serve the people that come through our doors. A leader can’t lead if he/she does not know what it means to serve. Christ demonstrated servant hood to those He led so that they, in turn, would never place themselves mentally or spiritually over those under them. A true Servant Leader is one who looks to the needs of those in his/her ministry over their own wishes.

To reach Families:

Family is important to our pastors and it is even more important to God. From Sunday to Sunday all that we offer and all that we do is to help our church attendees have stronger families. We provide ministry for fathers and mothers, youth and children. Our Sunday preaching and Wednesday teachings challenge the way in which we see life and how God has called us to live.

To teach The Word:

No one likes to step out of their comfort zone. Likewise some find it hard to admit where they are weak. We choose not to be a church that operates in ways that only make us comfortable but instead choose to be one that is willing to follow as the Word of God commands. The truth is that on our own we will fall short, always, but God has provided for us His Word (The Bible) that leads, guides, directs, strengthens, convicts, and uplifts us in the ways we should follow. We believe that it is not enough to know what the Word says but to be “Doers” of what it teaches.

To provide Hope:

This world provides enough anger, greed, selfishness and malice that it is no wonder that suicide and depression are at an all time high. We in no way claim to have all the answers to why things are the way they are in this world, but we do provide Hope. Hope in the God that we serve. In believing that He knows all things and will never leave those who seek Him blindly through this world. We teach about the strength, power and love He gives. The hope that though this world may fail our God has us in His hands and that we will one day be with Him in Eternal Glory.