Adult Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday Nights for a time of fellowships and fundamental learning of the scriptures.  Each night, our time together starts with a chance to fellowship with others who are attending while enjoying some coffee, tea, and snacks.  During our study time, we discuss specific relatable topics and provide time for questions based on the topic at hand. 

We hope you can come out and join us for this wonderful time of learning and opportunity to meet our pastors and church.  Doors open at 6:45, the study itself begins at 7:10 located in the church building.  


Kids Live is a special Wednesday night service for 4-10 year old’s. Each week we start off with free play and worship songs. Then we lead into a video-based lesson that will teach God’s Word in an engaging and memorable way. The students are then placed in small groups for discussion and crafts/games. We end the evening with a snack.

We invite your children to join us for this fun-filled time that’s almost like a weekly VBS. We meet in the gym during the Adult Bible Study — doors open at 6:45, worship begins at 7:10. Pick-up is at 8:15.

I AM Alive

I AM ALIVE is a time where youth aged 11-14 come together and  enjoy sometime playing e games and then learn about a topic.  These topics were chosen by the students on the first day after a conversation about what there likes and dislikes were and we are on an adventure to see if we can make a bible study out of those topics.  Topics such as cooking, games, hunting, and building villages will be talked about and how they show up in the Bible.  The goal is to give the students a deeper love and appreciation for the Bible in ways they may not have thought of.  Also, the study should show them that reading and studying the Bible is not boring and they can be creative in their approach at exploring what God is revealing to them in His word.

The doors open for game and hanging out in the Youth Cafe downstairs at 6:45 and the bible study starts at about 7:20.  We will watch some funny videos either on topic or just random funny and begin with some light reading and conversations about the given topic for the day. It ends around 8 and we play some games until parents pick up the students around 8:15.   Please come out for a good time of friendship and curiosity driven bible conversations.






Special Location
34 Oak Street Center Moriches NY 11934